Use of Church Buildings and/or Grounds

1. Any group or committee of the church has automatic permission to use the building and/or grounds.  Such use is to be scheduled through the church administrative assistant to avoid conflicts with other groups.  Such groups are responsible for setting up and taking down chairs and tables and are responsible for leaving the space used as they found it.  Provision for leaving notes for the custodian is found on the clipboard inside the janitor’s closet in the back entrance to the kitchen. Groups must also arrange with the church administrative assistant for the regulation of heat or air conditioning in the building.

2. Outside groups of a public service nature are given free use of the building and/or grounds on permission of the Property Committee (either the whole committee or the moderator) or Session, whichever meets first.  In case of exception, session will decide about charges for building use.  Groups must arrange with the church administrative assistant for regulation of heat or air conditioning in the building. Groups must leave the space looking as it did when they arrived.                                                                 

3. Children must be monitored/supervised at all times by the group or individual using the building

4. In case of an accident on church property, the persons whose names appear on the application form should be notified.

5.  There will be a $50 charge to non-members for the use of the Fellowship Room for receptions or other such functions (e.g., family reunions).

  August 2020  
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