1. When a marriage ceremony occurs in either the Sanctuary or Pastor’s study and there are fewer than 10 people involved, there will be no custodial charges.

2. For a large wedding (10 or more) that involves use of the Sanctuary alone or both the Sanctuary and Fellowship Room and other rooms, there will be a custodial fee as follows:

· Members         No Fees

· Non-Members $100  for use of  

Sanctuary (wedding & rehearsal)

· $50 for use of Fellowship Room

Building Use Deposit - $50 – This fee will be returned after the event, provided the space used is cleaned and returned as it was found with no damage or mess.

3. All fees are to be paid to the church administrative assistant when the church is reserved. These fees may be waived at the minister’s discretion.

4. The church organist is available for weddings.  The fee is $125 (to cover all travel, consultations with the wedding party, rehearsal and wedding); payment should be made directly to the church.  Any other organist desired by the bride and groom must be approved by the church organist.

5.  An honorarium ($150 is suggested) is appropriate for the minister.

6. There will be no use of rice in a wedding.                  

7. Decorations must not interfere with the current liturgical decorations that are within the sanctuary. Liturgical decorations, including banners, may not be removed unless approved by the minister.

8. All couples married at Hanover Presbyterian Church must complete pre-marital counseling with the minster or other certified/qualified minister/counselor.

9. Ministers outside of the Hanover Presbyterian Church may officiate at the wedding with approval from the session and minister.

10. Questions about the music should be addressed to the minister.

11. Other rooms may be used by the wedding party with permission but must be returned to original condition.